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Going to the Grace Hopper Celebration Oct 2th-6th

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Looking forward to the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing the first week of October. I was awarded a full scholarship to the conference which is run by the Anita Borg Institute for Women in Technology. It will be my first time there and my first time at any all-female technology conference, which is pretty exciting given the scale of the event.

Its also a great opportunity for me to take notes on the way gender is handled as an organizing principle of a conference. Since I’m in the midst of putting together a conference to take place at Poly in th ite spring (one which is also focused on identity/inclusiveness as a point of criticality) I’m really interested in tackling the question of how you can celebrate the work of underrepresented groups without ghettoizing, essentializing or otherwise reducing things to the identity of their creator.

The pool from which I will be drawing participants (since its a gaming-specific conference) is much smaller and the event is modest compared to GHC, but it’ll still be a great opportunity to learn about how a conference centered on identity can be artfully done.

Also, the graphic design of their site and their conference branding is really, really good.