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Different Games Conference

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Different Games is a two-day conference on diversity and inclusiveness in digital games, hosted April 26-27, 2013 at NYU’s Polytechnic Institute in downtown Brooklyn. Different Games is a space for radical discussions of representation in games and the relationship of the medium to designer and player identity.

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As game designers, theorists, journalists and players often produce their work in contexts separated by their specialized fields, we see Different Games as an opportunity to share across these professional boundaries. By presenting games, scholarship and hands-on workshops engaged with these topics, we hope to foster a dialogue between artistic, academic and commercial practice unique to how discussions of diversity and representation are able to exist in academic and industry settings. We welcome all individuals, groups and companies invested in games as creative, critical tools, and who are committed to aiding commercial game design, indie games and academic game studies to reflect the complexity, depth and diversity of all involved.

Hey Girl (Gamer) Speaker Series

“An event series on games and the women who love them, make them, play them, study them, et all”

Inaugurated in September 2012, HEY GIRL (GAMER) seeks to create a pro-women, pro-queer, pro-diversity space for discussing contemporary games and gaming culture. Past events have featured game designers from across the full and varied spectrum of contemporary games, such as Ida Benedetto, Kaho Abe, Julia Deter, Jesse Jo Gomez and Phoenix Perry.

Coverage of our last event featuring Phoenix Perry’s work in affective play

More information at and @HEYGIRLGAMER on Twitter.

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