Sarah Schoemann

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CrEST Curriculum

Creativity in Engineering, Science and Technology (CrEST) is a 15 week high school curriculum exploring the Arduino microcontroller that I designed under the direction of NYU Poly’s K-12 STEM Education Director, Ben Esner and NASA roboticist, Making Things Move author and Poly Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering PhD candidate Dustyn Roberts in the winter of 2012. CrEST, a youth adapted version of NYU Tisch’s open-source “Physical Computing” course, offers high school students a creative, hands-on and project-based introduction to programming, electronics and interaction design principles while incorporating real world problem solving and researchable content from across the web. Two pilot programs of CrEST will be taking place at NYU poly throughout the spring of 2013. In the coming summer of 2013 the first generation of high school CrEST participants will then go on to serve as summer instructors sharing what they learned in the  course with elementary schoolers at local community centers.

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