Sarah Schoemann


Dueling Shop of Horrors

A plush table-top two player game, powered by the Arduino. Features competing light-hungry plants that players must feed with hand-held flashlights. As players “water” their plant with light through photo a resistor embedded in the mouth they are also simultaneously under attacks as opponents can stealthily zap their plant’s power with a concealed button below the gingam tablecloth. Scores are kept with the flashes of a gruesome LED illuminated blood splatter between the plants, harkening back to the Roger Corman B-movie classic “Little Shop of Horrors” and its 1980s remake. Health levels for each player can be observed in the 3 leaves on each plant which are internally lit with LEDs to indicate strength.

Fabrication, soldering by Sarah Schoemann, Programming and schematic by Jason Shapiro.