Sarah Schoemann

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Static Interferences

“Static Interferences” is an mobile art piece sited in Gallery 915 of the Modern and Contemporary wing of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. On the screen of a mobile device the art historical account presented on the walls of the Met is challenged as static works of painting and sculpture are supplanted by works of media and time based art.

Ranging from mainstay works of video and performance art, that have been largely absorbed into canonical 20th century art history, to more recent works of net art, digital games and other media art forms that remain on the fridges of mainstream recognition. Though the works chosen are roughly contemporaneous to those they replace, the concerns and mediums they explore are shifted to expose the solipsisms of the permanent collection both in its bent towards traditional media and its lack of work addressing the politics of feminism, queer theory, post-colonial theory, globalism, and other discourses that have deeply impacted the last 40 years of art history.