Sarah Schoemann

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We Came from Catfish

A playstation mobile game created by Arthur Ward Jr., Kevin Chen, Edward Melcer and myself during Indiecade East‘s weeklong Playstation Mobile Game Jam, February 2013, We Came from Catfish is a simple platformer that playfully interprets the game jam’s theme of “evolution.” A elementary school aged biologist is pictured sleeping beside his textbooks on an intro screen and we are invited into his fantastical envisioning of the first creature (the game’s titular “catfish”) making the evolutionary jump from water to land while trying to avoid primordial predators like the manta ray, electric eel and sea anemones. I created the artwork and sprite animations while Kevin, Arthur and Eddie programmed the game in Sony’s mobile SDK.

Ben Zweig of Tumblr provided coverage of the game jam and our team’s work as it progressed throughout the week and the event was also covered on Polygon. Our game’s final build was presented at the Museum of the Moving Image during the closing hours of Indiecade East.